Hey some excellent ideas rolling in to try and shape. I don’t know about shaping the Shar Pei to snore doing her waking hours thought. There could be some physiological stasis that needs to be present before she is even able to snore. I don’t know really but I guess it couldn’t hurt to give it a go (other than disrupting your poor dog every time she tries to catch 40 winks!).

Shaping can take on many shapes and contortions.

I love the dog dishes upside down or not behaviour. A great discrimination exercise. Discriminations are wonderful brain work for your dog.

Keep you ideas coming and video links as well. Be careful with Zoe that you aren’t just shaping a nose touch or a head bob with her back feet on the wall.

This is so much fun lets carry it on until next Friday. I am teaching most of next week so we can wrap it up and see what you can produce in a full week of shaping!

Today I am grateful for those of you that have taken the time to write about your shaping experiments with your dogs.