Okay, it is mid winter (for some, okay hard to imagine it as winter here in Florida). Here is a challenge for you all. Sometime before the

Of course I had to take this photo from a past winter since I have not seen the snow yet this winter (sorry if I sound a bit glib)

weekend (that is two days) shape your dog to do something new. Come up with something not related to anything you have been working on. If you need ideas check out the puppy one hundred (and thirty five) or refer back to the mostly tricks list we came up with before that. Or come up with something completely different. Either way, enrich your dog. Shape a new response and report back to the blog what you have shaped and how the session went.

To make this a bit more interesting I will randomly select on of posts and send them a hard cover copy of Shaping Success.

Today I am grateful for John who flew all the way to Florida only to drive me up to Cincinnati and back home. Okay I am a little bit spoiled.