First of all a big congratulations to Alexandre Bilodeau for bringing Canada it’s first ever Gold Our first Gold Medal at an Olympic Games held in Canada

Medal at an Olympic Games that we where hosting (sadly in Montreal in ’76 and Calgary in ’88 we as a nation earned no gold medals). What a relief to finally got our first and what an awesome job Alexandre did. I stayed up until the wee hours of 10:30 PM (way late night for me:)) in order to enjoy both his run and his celebration.


Some of you have written comments on the blog that my spam filter gobbled up. I retrieved them and they all should be posted now. Sorry about that, I don’t check that darn thing often enough with all it’s crude sex toy ads. I guess with references to “Say Yes” and “Ruff Love” we sometimes attract the wrong kind of cyber bott. Oh my, I guess I have just done it again.


John pointed out to me on the weekend one day that 49 of the 50 US states had gotten snow that day. Just one more reason we should all be meeting up in Hawaii I say.


Change of plans of me. Due to the crappy weather, we did not leave to drive home instead I booked a flight to go and teach in Cincinnati and will fly back to Florida afterwards on Friday. I just didn’t want to have John be stressed by driving the RV in the snow (plus it gives me a few more days in the sunshine!).  We actually don’t know now when we will come home. I think we will check the weather and see when we can get a few good days of driving.


Okay the shaping posts have been great. If you haven’t, go through the comments and check them out, espeically some of the videos.  Keep them coming!

Today I am grateful for Alexandre Bilodeau, from here on out better known as Alexandre the Great, making our nation very proud and very relieved!