Finally! John and I are cranking up the Empress (truly the brand name of our RV) and heading home today. If the roads are clear we should be home by Saturday afternoon. Our rescue BC Autumn has fit right in with our other red BC’s, it will be sad to see her go to her new home. What a sweet, yet still grossly overweight dog. We have got some weight off of her. My guess is that she is around 17″ tall and she was 55 lbs when she picked her up.  She might be under 50 now, but we don’t have  access to a scale.

All eyes on John at breakfast!

Encore continues to do well. Now it seems I can’t make her  lame. I got the antibiotics to put her on for the suspected Lyme but think I will now wait until I can have my own Vet look at her on Monday.

Don’t think I have forgotten about giving away a copy of Shaping Success to one of our shapers last week. I just haven’t read through all of the comments yet. Will do so while on route over the next two days.

Today I am grateful for the hospitality shown by everyone here in South Florida (especially Neta).