Last year I made the decision to not accept any new teaching assignments away from home. I have pretty much stuck to my guns on that and I have turned down most requests to teach, with a couple exceptions.

First of all on my way home from my current trip to Florida I will be stopping in Cincinnati, Ohio for four days (and one evening) of dog training workshops. This is the first time in over ten years for me to teach anywhere north of Texas and west of Colorado (other than at home of course).

Me writing something in code at a past seminar.

I have very few other workshops planned in the USA for 2010. Actually I have only one at this time (I am planning on coming back to Washington State this summer). So if you are wanting to take in some dog training workshops, I will see you in Cincinnati in February! You can see all the details about these workshops on our website.

Alternatively I will be going to Italy for a week in March. This is my only European stop planned this year. So if you are near the North of Italy I would love to see you!  You can get more information about those workshops by emailing;  choggio at

Now I have written that email address in the weird format so that spamers can’t steal it. But in reality the word “at” should be replaced with the funky @ symbol. Got it?

My only other current plans to teach away from home are to do a camp in Vancouver in June and I have some tentative plans to go back to New Zealand and Australia at the beginning of 2011.

So for those who have been asking, thanks for your interest, but that is all. Again, I am still in a “work at home mode” until further notice. So unless you can come out to one of these live events are contact will just have to continue here at the blog!

Today I am grateful for a career where I get to do what I love most, teach people and work with dogs.