We are driving to Florida today, of course I use the royal “we” as it is actually my darling John that does all of the driving.  I am working/goofing off on the internet. So how weird is this. Check out these two photos of Susan Garrett.

The Susan Garrett on the left is a Senator in Illinios of course the one on the right is yours truly. I always knew Senator Susan (the SS) existed because about 10 years ago she scooped a website that I owned (and let the license lapse on). Now she is who you get when you go to www.susangarrett.com (however I still get 9 of the top 10 spots when you google our name  . . .   so nah nah nah).

I knew about the SS, but never checked her out. But check us out! How weird is it that! Even though she is obviously much, much older than I:), we both have blue eyes, neither one of us will ever be accused of having a “cute-pixie-nose” and we both have a similar hair style (well mine looks more like hers for the first 10 minutes after I leaving my hair stylist’s chair).

Weird eh? Here are a couple more weird facts. Did you know there is no mail delivery in Canada on Saturdays?  Also how werid is this: even though there has been more than 10,000 visits to my blog this week I have only gotten 5 of you that have contributed to the challenges I urged you all to submit.  Hmmm weird.

I hope that I set a good example by establishing an atmosphere of sharing on this blog. I do not want to depress anyone but I have to tell you I do find it a bit weird that only five of you have contributed (sorry Helen, I am not counting you because, although I have the highest regard for Bud, without permission from him, we can’t post samples of his challenges from a book that is available for sale)

I did considered punishing you all by giving you a cyber smack or a “time out” by not posting to the blog for awhile. However, without a full knowledge of what exactly you did wrong and how exactly you could be successful, a “time out” would of course be usesless. Sort of like punishing an agility dog for knocking a bar. Plus I would be punishing those five awesome people that took the time to research some challenges for us all.

What is more in my nature and what I will do here now, is to publicly thank the five of you that have contributed. You five, I am sending you massive amounts of outrageously positive energy so that your 2010 can be the most unbelievably happy and successful year of your lives!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

So back to the rest of you . .  how about it? Couldn’t you all use massive amounts of outrageously positive energy? Post a challenge and it’s yours. We are out to help identify sources of stress in order to help our fellow competitors identify sources of weakness so we need contact, weave and handling challenges.

Every idea counts, so how about digging down and contributing to the benefit of everyone!

Today I am grateful that John and I are almost out of the snow driving. Way too many big truck in the ditch for anybody’s liking.