Let me take this opportunity to send out my own personal best positive vibes for each of you that regularly visits this blog. Here is wishing 2010 to be the best year ever for new_years_wedding each of you!  I know I am totally stoked. I have tons planned for the year. We are completely revamping all of our training camps here at Say Yes and a brand new exciting format is going to be revealed soon.  I also have several new projects to roll out . . . it should be a very exciting year!

Last night, on New Year’s Eve, my niece Amy was married to her long time beau Dale Payne. What some of us may have suspected long ago, is not official, in that Amy is now formally “A.Payne!” I was hoping to get lots of pics from the evening but alas my camera battery died. My sister in law did snap this shot of my baby brother Jason hanging out with John and myself.

As you can see I still am no longer a blonde. I am having fun getting my hair stylist to get closer and closer to the colour of Feature and Encore’s hair. John is still not thrilled with my new doo, but he is getting used to it:).

I keep telling him variety is the spice of life and he can now pretend he is having an affair with a red head!

Today I am grateful for the thrills of 2009 and look forward to another joyful year in 2010!