Last week I posted a “half” of a picture which some of you picked up as me on some sort of trampoline.  Today I come clean, it is a


Working my obliques (abs) on the cellerciser.

rebounder, actually a “Cellerciser” to be more accurate. And I got to tell you how much I love it. So much actually I think everyone needs one. Here is my story.

Near the end of 2009, I started investigating “Rebounders” you know, the mini trampoline thingy your mom had when you were a kid. I tried several and then I really got serious. On the way to the USDAA Nationals at the beginning of November, I spend most of the 4 days on route, (while John was driving) on-line researching all of the available models I could find. You can pay $39.95 for one from your local Sporting Good store (tried one, not a good idea) or you can pay $700 or more for the Cadillac. I actually bought and returned one I believed to be “the best” for the money (~$300) but once I came across the Cellerciser I was sold and continue to be sold. It is perfect.

Don’t let the name scare you “Cellerciser” is just a brand that creator David Hall came up with for his own rebounder. It stands him apart, which it should, because the unit is definitely heads and tails above the others.

I think it is so perfect as a matter of fact I am going to dedicate more than just this blog post to the details of my discovery. Why?  First of all because I think it is a fabulous way for everyone to get in shape.  According to some sources you can burn 3x as many calories as jogging and 11x more than walking in the same period of time. Plus it is freaking fun! I feel like a kid when I am bouncing on it, most of the time even though I am working hard, I have this massive smile on my face!


Working shoulders


If you notice when I wrote about teaching in Pheonix teaching last month, there was a picture of me bouncing on a cellerciser there. It was the second

one I had purchased in less than a month. Why? Because everyone loves them! I had to buy a new one (now up to number 4) because people kept jumping on mine and falling in love so I would let them buy mine and I would just buy another.  That is when I decided all of you needed one.  It doesn’t matter how out of shape you are, or how great of shape you are in, rebounding will make a difference. Trust me on this one.

I feel so strongly about these babies I decided I am going to sell them on my website. Up until now, I have only sold product related to Say Yes Dog Training including; my books & dvds and those of Greg Derrett and Susan Salo.  All that is about to change as now the Cellerciser has been added!

I think agility enthusiasts seem to embrace fitness for their dog far better than for themselves. Except possibly for a few exceptions and those at the elite levels of agility, human fitness seems to be an overlooked part of agility training.  Cellercising is an excellent way to ease yourself into what could turn into a life long fitness routine. There are those who claim to have given up their gym membership because they can get 6 pack abs by Cellercising.  Seriously, having lost 9 pounds in the first 6 weeks of using one, I am a big believer!

In a follow up post I will tell you more about this particular brand, as well as why rebounding in general is such an awesome form of exercise. However for those of you that are already convinced and want to order one now I have made it super easy to do so. Just click on the link for the sales page on their website. For the rest of you google it, I think you will be impressed.

I recommend the bi-folding unit, that is the one I have. I take it with me everywhere. I have grown accustom to using it as a way to warm myself up at trials (some of you may have seen me using it at the USDAA Nationals).

At first I ordered it without the bar but then bought one with a bar for John (yes he uses it too). Now I love the bar! It may be the better way to go for those of you with any joint issues. There are exercises to suit everyone, including starting bouncing on your butt to get started. I thought I would never use the bar, but it is a kick, so if you can afford the extra coin, that is the way to go, but most people think it is just fine without  the bar. You can always add it later (although will have to pay for separate shipping).

If you want to get tons of information you can google rebounders yourself (but trust me, I did my homework). I only started to look at one as rebounding is so highly recommended to help with the circulation of your lymphatic system (which is critical for a strong immune system). I had no idea they were such a great way to exercise. You may want to visit the Cellerciser home page because there is a lot of great info there.

You may think I have totally lost it, promoting a mini trampoline, but I swear, once you try it, you will just be giddy as I am.

Today I am grateful for finding such an awesome way to get fit while having fun. I dare anyone to try one and NOT smile while you are doing it.