The Canadian Kennel Club  has been sending a team to the FCI World Championships now for the past seven years now.  Lori Pichurski, from Alberta, spearheaded the the Canadian effort by arranging and managing the team right from the

Lori Pichurski Managed the CKC team from 2003-2009

Lori Pichurski managed the CKC team from 2003-2009


This year the CKC has decided to put together a new look Management Team to oversee their Canadian World Team. Lori P has decided to bow out, but her place in the history of Canadian agility has be secured, I think I speak for everyone when I thank her for getting the “international agility” ball rolling for all of us here in Canada.

This new venture of a Management Team is both exciting and scary. Lets face it, there are advantages to having one person make the majority of the team decisions. With one person, there are fewer people that have to agree before moving forward!  However with the right blend of dedicated people heading the the new five position Management Team there will be a lot less work for any one individual and the potential for innovation multiples immensely!

It is exciting to think of the possibilities that lie ahead of the talented squad we have here in Canada. Right now on the CKC Website in the news section you will find the posting of the five roles on the Management Team that are seeking suitable candidates;

1. Treasure 2. Travel & Support Co-ordinator 3. Public Relations, Promotional & Fundraising Coordinator 4. Team Captain and 5. Assistant Team Captain.

The application for these positions will be available in the news section by tomorrow. Many of these positions are really committee heads with an infrastructure that has

One of Canada's medium dog teams (2008)

One of Canada's medium dog teams (2008)

been set up to have many other capable agility or organizational minds will be working beneath each committee head.  Lots of opportunity to contribute and I hope that each of you that have the calling will throw your hat into the ring.  Tony Robbins says we each have 6 human need to be met to be completely happy. The last being that of “Contribution.” Here is your chance for complete happiness, go ahead and become part of this new Management Team right from the ground floor.

Anybody involved in Canadian agility should be excited about the future and how it has the potential to ripple down and affect each of us in the Canadian agility community (there is a project in the works to help develop the talent of ALL Canadians that are interested).

What is happening now is that the CKC has put in place a committee of five capable individuals chosen from the three

The 2008 CKC Large dog team (sorry mini's no pic available)

The 2008 CKC Large dog team (sorry mini's no pic available)

provinces where the majority of Canadian agility participants reside (Quebec, Ontario & British Columbia). This committee will now go over all of the applications that are received and select the heads for this new Management Team. The well qualified selection committee includes; two CKC agility reps, a two-time CKC World Team member (yours truly) and four CKC/AAC Judges. Three of esteemed judges on this committee have judged at the AAC Nationals and two of them have traveled to multiple FCI World Championships in Europe and therefore have a great understanding of the demands of FCI World competition.

I am excited both for the future of the CKC Canadian World Team but also the future of Canadian agility as a whole as we pool our resources of great minds from across the country into one collective project aiming to benefit everyone.

Today I am grateful for all of the hard work from people like Lori Pichurski and those that helped her in getting the CKC World Team program started.