After the week with Tony Robbins I taught a small group of handlers for three days in the Phoenix area. It

Course walking

Course walking

was not an advertised seminar, since I am supposed to be on hiatus from teaching seminars right now. So it was a relatively small group, but very enthusiastic one!

It was great to be back at it since I hadn’t taught a seminar away from home since June.

Thanks to everyone who participated and to Shella who took and sent the pictures!

It was a gorgeous venue with a great artificial turf surf for the dogs to work plus the added benefit of a dozen or so built in dog runs to house your dog while waiting your turn and indoor plumbed toilet facilities right at ringside!

Any of you in the Pheonix area thinking of hosing trials or workshops I give a double paws up to Jubie and Kama’s place (

Look at the beautiful scenery I got to look at each day while I taught in AZ!
Check out the scenery I got to enjoy while teaching in Arizona.

just check out the tour on their website.

The day after arriving home from Arizona I had a three day puppy camp here. It was a blast (as I expected).

Lynda Orton-Hill was in camp with her 11 week old Border Collie puppy “Cool Moss” . Helen King flew in from the west coast with her new Standard Poodle puppy “Upgrayyedd”. Plus I had many regular students that were attending with new puppies.

All that made for a great group of puppy campers.

"Bouncing" while teaching, more on that later!

"Bouncing" while teaching, more on that later!

People may wonder why, if you already “know” the Say Yes program so well, anyone would choose to attend another puppy or skills camp?  Especially someone that is an instructor here?

We had one student at camp with her new Whippet puppy that represented the third generation of puppy camp attendees for her. The puppy’s sire and grand sire had all attended puppy camps. How cool is that!

I think the reason we get so many repeat campers at this camp is not just the opportunity to work 3 days focusing on your new puppy but it is the opportunity to lay foundation for the baby to work in a distraction filled environment. Also the dog training lectures that I give are slightly different each time I give a camp, let alone the new material that gets added. It is a unique experience you can not re-create anywhere else, and that is why puppy camp is a must for many people.

Perhaps it is also the fact that I love to teach the dog training skills that are such an integral part of our program. Anything you love to teach that much must make for an enjoyable experience for the participants.

Today I am grateful for some time at home to get caught up. It was awesome being away (and being so busy) but now it is time to get ready for Christmas!