I love surprises, good ones that is. Like while I sit here at my computer for the 4th day on the road ( as we head to the 2009 USDAA Nationals) and yet another competitor whizzes by, honking as they recognize the “Empress” (. . .er that is, the model name of our RV).  Those are fun, good surprises, the kind that put a smile on your face.

That is in complete contrast to the few surprises our now almost 6-year-old RV gave us as we started on our trip down south (requiring a couple extra stops and the loss of a few hours on the road) on day one.

I got another great surprise yesterday, as I sat here working away on my laptop (John was driving of course) I accidentally clicked an icon

Twister helping with my computer work sometime in late '07 or early '08

Twister always enjoyed “helping” with my computer work.

called “Photo Booth”.  I didn’t really know if I had actually hit the icon so I ignored it (usually I force quit something I hit in error) so imagine my surprise when this program  not only opened, but it opened with this fun shot of Twister and I.  If someone had asked, I would have swore I had never used PhotoBooth before, but, obviously, I not only have used it, I even did some sort of fancy special effects with it.

I don’t know when I took the photo, but I lost Twister early in ’08 and only got the mac book in late ’07 so it is somewhere during that time.

I haven’t had that many true good “surprises” in my life. Lynda says I am difficult to surprise. I think the biggest one was on one of my birthdays when we had a camp at the same time and John ordered one of those big 12′ tall statutes of a Bulldog wearing a Happy Birthday sign around his neck.  That was funny.

For all of you heading to the USDAA Nationals and entered as a “draw” team I guess you all are in for a surprise too!  Here is to it being a good one for everybody when you find out who your teammates will be for the weekend.  One more day on the road and then we will be there!

Today I am grateful for John driving, giving me this leisure time to just sit back and enjoy the drive down to Scottsdale.