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Puppy Swimming!

Lynda and Cool Moss

Lynda and Cool Moss

Sorry I had a bit of a hiatus this week. We had our final inspection on the new house so John and I have been running around like crazy. In the midst of it all Lynda (friend and one of our instructors here) brought by her new Border Collie puppy. His name is CoolMoss (I have nick named him CoolioMoo). He is a very cool puppy . . . and he is a boy!


Here is a great clip of him learning to swim. Once in the water we just allowed him to gain confidence while body surfing on Lynda.  When he showed us he didn’t have issues with the new game we took it one step further.  It is sure to put a smile on anyone’s face. Happy belated Thanksgiving to all of my American friends!


Today I am grateful for puppies that make you laugh out loud.

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