I have been sent this video clip by many of you now so I have taken the hint and am posting it here to the blog. It really is about blending what you want with some imagination.Think about this in reference to dog training. Take something in your dog’s (or even your spouses:)) behaviour and think about a response that would make you happier.  If you are on my newsletter you know that I have been encouraging you to start your winter training project, through the newsletter I will be sending along some ideas and a systematic approach (hopefully you are all on the newsletter if not sign up here to my right).

[responsive_video type=’youtube’]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2lXh2n0aPyw[/responsive_video]


This clip really shows you the best way to train any dog, make it fun, let it be their idea and involve lots of reinforcement (recognizing that reinforcement comes in many forms).  Tomorrow I promise I will address the question of why wrt gender preference in puppies.

Today I am grateful for ingenuity.