I can no longer make the claim that I have never watched a Star Trek or Star Wars movie. This past weekend three of my brothers and wives (well only 2 brought their wives) came over for potluck and a movie. One of my sister in law’s (Pat) brought vegetarian chili. My new favorite recipe (I don’t have it yet but she is going to send it to me). Even if you are a meat eater you will love this one. I think the key was the fresh cilantro sprinkled on top, a real keeper. I hope she didn’t notice I kept the left overs, under the guise of having John wash her big bowl so I could return it to her that night:) (I know that Pat occasionally reads my blogs, so I guess I will soon be busted).

Okay, back to Star Trek, it was the latest one, it starts with the birth of Captain Kirk and followed him as he grew up. I really enjoyed it, I really didn’t think I would. It was almost like a normal movie, except with some futuristic flying police scooters and stuff. Not too many weird Sci Fi aliens at all. All of you that where like me, proudly having never seen one of these movies before, start with this one. It had very


few freaky beings and had one very cute, lovable one.

I have a favorite character already. Can you guess who it was? I found this guy to positively inspirational. Sure I admired Captain Kirk and the swagger he brought to his job, and yes I loved the positive, almost Zen like qualities of Spock’s good bye of “Live long and prosper.” However for me, Scotty was the man.

I got a real kick out of the enthusiasm he had for all he did and how giddy he got when he did something that no one had ever done before. He had an infectious passion for what he did. Even when rejoicing at one of his own successes, it didn’t come off as arrogant at all. It was more like him celebrating as a witness to the advancement itself. Doing great things with great joy, that was Scotty.

Today I am really grateful for the chance to spend and evening with some of my family, just like those credit card commercials suggest . . . spending time with some of the sibs . . . priceless.”