My life is always full, I don’t think that will ever change. But after August 22, for the first time since 1996, I will not have any away-from-home-seminars on my immediate calendar. Yes I will be teaching at camps in Florida in January-February and yes I will be teaching here at home but I will have no other seminars book away from home.

This week I am teaching 4 – one day seminars here at home. My baby brother gets married on Saturday then I fly to Colorado on Sunday to start the last of my seminar bookings on Monday. This isn’t a “final” thing. I definitely will be teaching away from home again, I just haven’t booked any at this time, nor am I going to right now!  My plan is to get caught up on some projects here at home (a new video not being the least of them).

So there is lots to be excited about right now. Colorado promises to be great fun. My brother’s wedding will see all of my brothers and sisters together which is always a blast. This is the first wedding in the family since both of my parents have passed away, so that will be a bit sad, but I know they would both be very proud. Jason (my brother) is marrying Ling Tam. Ling’s family is Chinese so there will be lots of traditional events at the ceremony including a Dragon Dance and Chinese tea ceremony.

And to top it all off when I get back from Colorado, the new house will be ready for us to move in!

An early morning look out the window of my new home office.

An early morning look out the window of my new home office.

Today I am grateful that the countdown is on and I look forward to finishing up some projects here at home!