The title of this post covers many topics. First of all I ordered a rebounder last week (at least I think I did). It should be home when I get there (I hope) so I will be bouncing regularly.  My mom used to use one when I was a kid. For more on Rebounding check out this link ( 

I take a skipping rope with me everywhere I go. Not bouncing but similar. I do 105 skips between other morning workout exercises (why 105 you ask . . . 3 x 35 . . . remember my obsessive number fetish:)).  I do 1 set of 105 skips forward, then the next backwards. I do 5 or 8 sets of 105 during my workout, I love skipping so I think rebounding will be a fun thing to do first thing when I roll out of bed.

I sent out a newsletter the night before last. Some of your addresses (30 of you in total) bounced. If you signed up for a newsletter and didn’t get one you may need to sign up for a hotmail or gmail account as your server is not allowing my newsletter service to send anything to you. You won’t want you to miss the “big surprise” going out on July 14th so better get your account un-bounced if that

Circa early 2000's, Twister bouncing.

Twister (Dec 1992 - Mar 2008) bouncing.

 is you.

Speaking of bouncing, check out the vintage picture of little 11 1/2″ Twister, she could bounce like no other. I sure miss her, lovely shocking pink tee shirt isn’t it!

I hope you are not the type to bounce cheques, that is just uncool.

I am getting ready to bounce from Washington soon. Okay, I admit, that was lame but I had to fit it in. I have had a great time here at Argus ranch. Aside from the awesome facility, the students have been soooo receptive to all I have taught. Thank you all for being so keen and enthusiastic about the learning. All the participants were great, but I think the Advances in Dog Training atmosphere was positively electric, possibly something to do with the dancing?

I have one more day of teaching (today, Wednesday).  Then I have Friday off before the 3 day NW USDAA regional starts. I am looking forward to that, I hope my girls aren’t too wiped out from demoing for the last 2 weeks. Something tells me they left a little something in the tank for the trial!

Today I am grateful for Jill, Holly, Helen, Mel and all the other people that worked to make my visit here in Washington State a memorable one.

**NOTE: to all that were bounced from the newsletter sign up, I think I fixed it so give it another try! SCG