Some of you may have read the dialogue I had with Donna Rock yesterday on the blog. Donna posted a video or herself which reminded me of these other two. Donna is an amazing person, be around her for only a few minutes and you can not help but be inspired.

The inspiration does not come from any disability, but rather but her great ability. She is one of the most naturally gifted dog trainers I have ever worked with, and I have worked with a lot. Through all the precision she teaches in obedience she is always feeding into the dog’s love to work. She has a very light hearted way with her dogs. She is demanding without being tyrannical about it.

Watch these next 2 videos (and go back to the comments section and watch the other one Donna posted) but don’t look at what Donna can’t do, focus on her amazing; timing, her discreet application of criteria and her brilliant decision making when it comes to reinforcement or controlling access to it.


On top of her ability Donna has a great sense of humor and not once in all the days she worked with me did she ever complain about how tough the mechanics would be for her. Even when I was teaching hand targets, not once did Donna whine and say “what about me. . . “, she simply innovated and did what was necessary to made each exercise her own.

Today I am grateful that my career  allows me to meet inspiring individuals like Donna Rock.