Seriously, thanks guys. Some awesome ideas came in yesterday. Any of you tuning into my blog today, looking for some great dog training content, go back and read what other people posted on the blog yesterday about prioritizing your life. Here is a quote that came in late that personally struck a cord with me; “being right brained doesn’t mean I have to live in choas.” Thanks Misa, I have got that one printed out already!  

It is not like I am new to this stuff. Crap, I spent 15 years in Corporate-Canada. In those years, I did lots of continuing education training, so it is not like I haven’t learned about list making, prioritizing etc.  With that in mind, I love the input you guys have shared about how you have made everything that is important in your life stay important.

So as to not distract from the importance of everyone else’s message. I am not going to bring up any new topic today. If you have any more time managment, prioritize lessons to share, post away, good stuff guys!

Today I am overwhelmed and grateful for the responsiveness of this blog. You guys ROCK!