Hey blog readers, I am looking for your help. I am thinking of a future product creation and would like to give you the opportunity to help develop the product.  I would like to know what you feel are your 2 or 3 biggest challenges in dog agility. It may be obstacle related, dog behaviour related, you-related (fitness, mental prep,  frustration at lack of effective coaching etc).  Please think on it a bit and then go to this really short survey (http://ponyurl.com/wphpde) and let me know how you think. My plan is to randomly pick three of you that complete this ultra-short survey, and send you a really special gift from me. I will unveil what the gift will be next week, but trust me it will be a good one!  In the past, all of the products I have launched have been creations in areas where I felt people needed the help. This time around I am going to let you guys choose. What would you pay an outrageous amount of money to learn from Susan Garrett? Okay, seriously, I feel very blessed with the life I now lead, which is why I am very happy to share my knowledge on this blog and in my newsletters. Really, I want to know what you guys want and how I can continue to play a role in your dog training journey. How can I help you reach your dog training goals? I want to see you and your dog grow into the agility team you have always dreamed of being. It is possible, I just know it!

 I have a lot of regular visitors to this blog and I am looking forward to reading results of this survey from each and everyone of you (especially while I am currently sick in bed!)

Today I am grateful for the fact that it is pouring rain outside so being sick doesn’t mean I am losing out on some fun outdoors activity with my dogs.