Do you Wii? (no not wee, Wii). Just throwing it out there to you all, kind of an informal survey (hey btw thanks to everyone that has taken the survey from last week, winners to be announced at the end of this week). I bought a Wii “Fit” last year when we had the FCI world team practice here. I thought it would be a good team bonding thing. Those of us that played, did have a blast.  So I am asking you guys.  Do you have Wii Fit, if so, which activities to you enjoy the most and why?  Do you use it as an actual “work-out”?  I have my own opinion on how Wii ties into dog agility, I will share with you once you guys give me your thoughts.

I finalized all of the appliances for the new house yesterday.  Not many decisions left for John and I as this process is winding down. I am very grateful for the fact that, although we are still months away from moving in, most of the major decisions have been made so now it is just a matter of patience:).