I think this may be like suffering through home movies of someone elses kids. Just be grateful that I edited down to less than two minutes. It was Encore’s birthday on Saturday so Friday she got to run agility, (Saturday I had a full day of lessons here) and Sunday afternoon we packed everyone into the car and went to Dr.Leslie’s (Woodcock Veterinary Services & Rehab Center). My dogs favourite thing in the world is to swim. Once in the water, Buzz enjoys life in his own little domain (he would love to swim in the pool but it is just too hard on his body so we hook him up his own crib in the underwater treadmill (but we don’t turn on the treadmill belt)), DeCaff chases Feature in and out of the water but is always willing to pose for the paparazzi, meanwhile Encore is oblivious to anything in her surroundings as long as she is in the water.

For those of you that will ask, the addy of the video is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZacehfNQl-E

Today I am grateful that I can be entertained by such a silly little thing, like watching my dogs having so much fun in the water.