So I skipped a day of blogging, don’t want you to think I am predictable or anything. The truth is I spend a good portion of yesterday trying to capture, on video, this cool little routine I do with my dogs when I train.  The first time I did it, I downloaded it to my computer and somehow the autofocus had kicked off the camera so it was all a blur.  So I taped  when I trained again later in the day, downloaded it to my computer and the microphone was turned off.  Sooo went out after supper, got it right, got the footage downloaded but my computer now has issues.  I checked on line (it is a MacBook Pro, only 13 months old) and apparently there is a bunch of people with the same issue.  Right after downloading some upgrades to iTunes you lose all audio, like forever! So it now has to go to the Apple hospital.  Since I can’t post this clip without being able to hear what I am posting,  it will have to wait for another time.

On another note, I see there are a few questions for me under “comments.”  Thanks to everyone who has shared their comments, I am glad you like my attempt at blogging.  I promise I will answer  the questions when I get a chance.

With all I have going on this week: the launch of the new ebook, a three-day, puppy camp starting tomorrow and five day skills camp starting just days after that, I decided to squeeze in one class at a local agility trial. Well sort of . . .when I got there they were already running, so I missed my walk through. There were only 15 dogs before Encore and dun, da, da. . . I had decided to let Feature have a go for the first time ever. Maybe wasn’t the best idea since, there was no warm up area, I was late (Johnnie-proud-daddy decided to come at the last minute), it was a dirt surface, (something she has never even trained on before) and she has had very little training in the last 2 months. But what the heck, I decided to throw caution to the wind and be a wild girl: run my dog AND then post it here for all of you to see! I was very pleased with how well she held focus at the start line, responded to my body cues & arm changes without taking her gaze away from her job, did her job on both A Frames, had lovely weave poles and very nice jumping considering she has never on anything other then grass and the carpet in the building.  So here you go, Feature’s agility debut!

Today I am grateful for the opportunity to run a red border collie that doesn’t bark/scream on course. How refreshing, I could get used to this!