I will start off today by clearing up a question of an email that was sent out this morning to some of you.  The Say Yes Newsletter, it is legit. It is not spam!  We have just resurrected a mailing list you must have signed up for at some point. Give it a read, it is safe!  If you want to get on the list for this newsletter sign up at my website Say Yes Dog Training.

Last night, to my horror, I came to the realization that I was become way too geekacious (I love to make up my own works, another reason grammar freaks may want to stay away from this blog). This hit me when I used the words: web-browser, auto-responder and javascript in the same sentence, all while I was troubleshooting a problem with my web designer. That scares me a lot.  I am a dog trainer for crying out loud!

As I write this, I see my dogs all huddled in a corner whispering, I think they are planning an intervention.   I swear I see Encore with a pad and paper taking notes, but every time I look her way she shoves something under the bed. I overheard Feature whispering something about “walks being cut short” and the “lack of quality training time”. Every now and again I see Buzz looking off into space, then turning back to the group imploring them all to “speak a little louder.”

I really can’t say I blame them though, since for the past week I have been glued to this computer for about 15 hours a day.  However, it has all been worth while.  We have been gearing up for the launch of two pretty important products. The launch is called “Excellence in Weave Pole Training.” Phase One is this rockin’, 74 page, collection of everything you would ever want to know about weave pole training. I mean it is really the nuts and bolts of it all. Most of what is in there I have never released before, all brand new stuff. If you can’t tell, I am really, really excited about it all.  Everything from 110 weave pole challenges to try out (a great winter project for everyone), tons of great dog training advise, plus a sneak peak at the 15 page, 2×2 workbook, that will be included on the new DVD. You will all be able to learn more about it at the official launch, from my webpage (Say Yes Dog Training) this Wednesday. I know everyone is going to freak when they see it (and see how little you are going to have to pay).

I feel badly for all of the people that have been waiting, literally for years, for a 2×2 dvd from me.  I pumped everyone up in Australia 5 years ago, saying it would be out “any day.” Oops! It was shelved for a while and then I thought it was going to be launched this summer (it was so close), but ooops!  I decided I had to add these cool games to it and turn it into a complete weave pole training dvd, rather then just a 2×2 training project.  Poor Mel.  Mel is the kind man that did all of the editing on this project.  I am sure he didn’t know what he was getting in for when I suggested “we could probably wrap everything up in a matter of weeks,” ooops!  However, I know he is just as proud of this, now 2 disc-dvd set, as I am.  My video projects always seem to take a little longer to get to market, but I sure love each finished product when it is finally completed!  This one is no exception. It is amazing.   Anyway, we have had a lot of people writing to both, me personally and our website, asking “when will this *[email protected] 2×2 dvd be ready?” (thank you all for your kind words:)).  I do feel badly for the continued delays, so that is why I decided to do this bonus project for everyone while we waited for the duplication of the main event.

That is what has brought us all to this Wednesday’s launch  of “Excellence in Weave Pole Training: Phase One” and why it will be taken down when the new DVD arrives.  I don’t want anyone buying Phase One in place of Phase Two.  So the offer must go away, as soon as the DVD arrives. If you go to our website now you can see the front cover and click to be taken to this cool video montage promoting the launch.

S-e-e, the fact I could hook you up with the video link right here is just more proof of geekacal tendencies. I am really  getting concerned. Okay, I think I am going to go and dress like a technophobe and walk around all day denying any knowledge of html.

As all of the work on this project draws to a close, I am really grateful for Mel King.  He has been so patient through this all, with me saying things like: “hmmm, no, no I think I liked it better the other way” or  “Hey Mel, I am sure this won’t take you too long to do . . “. The man is a gem AND still on speaking terms with me . . . now that really IS a bonus!