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To Peak or Not to Peak

Posted on 07/12/11 1 Comment

Well, today we open up registrations my latest internet adventure “Puppy Peaks.”


This has been a fun project to work on. It is my first “membership” site. One where you can pay either monthly or annually for a chance to be a “fly on the wall” while I train my puppy “Swagger.”  You can find out more about how Puppy Peaks rolls by checking out the information at the end of todays webinar.

For those of you who aren’t aware, I have been running a series of free on-line dog training seminars (or “webinars” this week). I posted the last one today, it is part two in the series on “Dealing with Struggles in Dog Training.”

In my opinion, of all of the programs, seminars, dvds & keynote lectures I have put together — this series would rank as one of my best. And what makes it best of all is that I am giving it away at absolutely no charge.

I just think this it is that important for all dog owners out there to understand . . . for the sake of the dogs (and of course their people:) and so I wanted the possibility for all to share in it, regardless of budget.

Judging from the over 400 comments that have been left on the first two instalments of this series, I would say many people agree with me.

If you haven’t yet stopped by to view the webinars, don’t sit on it because they are coming down next week. They likely will appear in a product for sale at some point — maybe that DVD I keep talking about putting together on dog training. No immediate plans for the future on that but, for right now, you can watch and re-watch these clips through to the beginning of next week.

Within these webinars I document some of the struggles I have had to work through with my own dog training (yes there are some soul baring video clips for all to watch). I think that is what is most important to remember. None of us is alone, we all have struggles with our dogs. If you sometimes feel overwhelmed yourself, hopefully the system that I laid out in these webinars will help you with a “go-to” methodical process to help you work through your dog training  challenges.

To register for these (no charge) webinars go to


I thought you might enjoying reading some of the comments left behind on part one of this “Struggle” series. Enjoy.

Today I am grateful for the chance to get a full night of sleep tonight now that I can give the “chattering monkeys” the night off.

One Comment

  1. Sharon says:
    Tuesday, July 12, 2011 at 11:09pm

    Wonderful webinars, would recommend them to anyone who has so much looked at a dog 🙂 PuppyPeaks, like Recallers 2.0, is already an invaluable resource for me – my senior dog is having just as much fun as my puppy when we set up some of the exercises you show with Swagger in your videos.

    Your enthusiasm for living in Do Land comes right through the screen and into my home, and it rubs off on family members too. This morning I had planned on doing some shaping with the puppy using a box …. well, she grabbed the box and ran off with it (no mean feat). My husband turned to me and said “Well, there is a valuable bit of information for you” 🙂


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