Sorry this offer is temporarily unavailable.  Thanks to everyone who purchased the ebooks and supported the women’s shelter and the Canadian agility team.


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Flying Your Pet


Susan Garrett has been flying her dogs all over the world for more than 20 years. Small dogs in cabin, large dogs alone or as many as three dogs at one time, all of this experience has gone into “Flying Your Pet Fundraiser ebook.” This ebook is not just for dog owners but for all pet owners regardless if you have no intentions of ever having your pet board a plane! This is the sort of document that when you want it, you will be so grateful you own it!

All money from the sales of this ebook will be donated to the Canada World Agility team and to “Interval House” a women’s shelter in Susan’s home town of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Everyone associated with this project, have donated their time and skills to help make this fundraiser the best ever! Thank you in advance for supporting these two very worthy causes!

You will be able to download the e-book immediately after purchase.
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The Ultimate Agility Competitor’s eBook

The 2011 CKC Agility Team Canada along with the management team and many other generous supporters, have put together the Ultimate Agility Competitor’s e-book. This one is unlike others you may have seen in the past.

The e-books hundreds of drills and courses have been professionally arranged and color coded to give you easy “one click access” to sections focusing on; drills for small spaces, jumps and tunnels only, full courses, weave drills, contact drills, 1, 2 and 3 jump drills, short sequences, discriminations, 270’s, Serps and Pulls Throughs (Threadles) and a bonus section of AAC Challenge courses for your international style course fix!

In addition to all of agility challenges there are fitness and nutrition tips for the handlers, dog treat recipes, and important information for your competitive dog’s overall health and well being.
All proceeds of this ebook will go directly to the funding of the 2011 Team. To learn more about this year’s CKC Agility Team Canada please visit us at

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The Ultimate Ebook Bundle!

Get both ebooks and save!  Just $29.97 when you purchase the bundle. Get Flying Your Pet by Susan Garrett and The Ultimate Agility Competitors ebook from Team Canada.

You will get an email a few hours after your purchase with a link to download the ebook.


Buy and Win Access to
Susan Garrett’s Inner Circle:

Access to Susan’s popular on-line Recallers course is closed at this time. Closed, that is, except for the members of her “Inner Circle.” Members of the Inner Circle have paid $1000.00 to be coached by Susan for a full year and here is your chance to get membership in this exclusive group for FREE!

Every single person that purchases an “Ebook Bundle” will have their name entered into a draw for one free Inner Circle membership. That is access to the entire Recallers course, a DVD of all of the video clips, downloadable ebooks, ipod MP3s and access into all of the groups coaching calls and on line discussions.

People have been raving about the 5 Minute Formula to a Brilliant Recall course and members of the Inner Circle have been amoungst the loudest to cheer.

Double Your Chances to Win:

Buy 5 copies of the Ultimate ebook Bundle and get 10 entries into the big draw, doubling your chances to win your way into the Inner Circle. Yep, you get 10 entries into the Inner Circle draw when you buy 5 copies of the Ultimate Ebook Bundle (we suggest you give your extra 4 copies to well deserving Junior Handlers, or donate them to a fundraising raffle).

*Change quantity to 5 on the purchase screen
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Drawing will take place at the Say Yes Facility on September 1, 2011 and the winner will be notified by email and announced on – *Charges are in Canadian Dollars. Some banks charge an international fee. – You will be able to download the ebooks immediately and/or soon after you purchase.

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The Canadian Agility Scene:
[text]The CKC Agility Team Canada (CKC ATC) is a nonprofit organization partnered with the Canadian Kennel Club and run by a group of committed volunteers responsible for developing and preparing the Canadian Agility Athlete for the FCI World Championships. Our goal is to ensure that Canada is represented at THE premier agility event in the world.

Canada is a large country with a relatively small agility community in comparison to other countries that compete at the world championships. Our handlers are spread out from one side of the country to the other, making travel, team building and practices expensive. By attending events like the FCI World Championships the members of this team, past and present, have helped to grow and develop this sport of agility in Canada to the point where we won our first medal in 2010, and it was a Gold (won by Jessica Martin and her Sheltie “Dice”).

Thank You to everyone for your continued support of our Canadian International Agility competitors who travel to the FCI World Championship each year. We most certainly could not do this without your help and encouragement!

Kim Collins
Captain/Coach CKC Agility Team Canada 2010/2011Ultimate Ebook