And the Winner Is:

Thank you all for the wonderful posts you have written in response to my question from two weeks ago. I can tell many of you put a great deal of thought into your answer, I have enjoyed reading them all.  The last night of camp [...]

2010-07-10T18:49:56-04:00January 14th, 2009|7 Comments

Keep 'Em Coming!

Wow, we have got some awesome responses to my question. Initially, I was just going to pick a certain "number" and that was going to be the "winner" but there are some many thoughtful responses I am definitely going to have to select one (might be impossible) [...]

2009-01-08T05:47:48-04:00January 8th, 2009|8 Comments

Your Turn to Write

Well I must be hooked on this blogging since I am sending you this from a WiFi at a gas station as John fills the RV up with diesel.  Since I am on the road for the next couple of weeks and may not be [...]

2009-01-04T09:27:10-04:00January 4th, 2009|110 Comments
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