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Victim or Player?

Okay, I know I haven’t written in a while. Crazy busy around here again. But at 2 AM the coyotes outside our bedroom window told me I should write a blog so here I am. I have mentioned in the past that I am a fan of Anthony Robbins’ teaching. One thing Tony promotes is […]

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4140 Successful Repetitions Must Mean Something!

Recently I was doing some math. I was looking at all of the dogs I have trialled in agility since I decided to train without physical or verbal corrections (that was in 1994). There is; Buzz (born in 1996), DeCaff (born in 2000), Encore (born in 2004) and Feature (born in 2007). Swagger hasn’t trialled yet […]

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Recovering from the Weekend

Another very worthwhile use of my time spending 4 1/2 dayslast week at a Tony Robbins workshop. This time I saw things from a different slant as I was crewing for him. One of over 300 people crewing for a group of over 3500 participants. The cool thing about crewing is that they put on these […]

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The Best Plans

Well, I was hoping not to leave the blog empty this week but wow, time flies. I did have time (with a great deal of help from Lynda) to get a couple of new workshops posted on the website. If you haven’t checked yet, do so now as two of the four are almost full […]

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What are YOU Seeking?

Surrounded by loved ones at a recent family wedding.

Today being Christmas I wanted to sit down and wish everyone a blessed time. I recognize that not everyone is Christian and not everyone is celebrating on this exact day. My hope though, is that each of you has a higher Being you turn to for guidance. Call him Jesus Christ or Jehovah or God …

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Aiming for Perfection?


Back with you after an amazing week spent with life strategist Anthony Robbins and his crew target at his Date with Destiny workshop. For me it was a blind date because I had no idea why I was going or what to expect. I spent thousands of dollars to be there and I turned down an opportunity to go the AKC Invitationals in order to participate in this workshop. I have no regrets, it was spectacular.

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Achieving Mastery

Tony Robbins

Last weekend Lynda and myself went to a 4 day Tony Robbins workshop. Talk about intense!  50 hours of learning between the hours of 1PM Thursday and 6PM on Sunday, it was complete immersion and didn’t leave much time for sleeping or eating. However it was time well spent, I can’t say enough about it. […]

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