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How Your Old Running Shoes Can Be Like Relationships

At the 2007 Worlds with Lynda Orton Hill and Greg Derrett

I am sitting here under the golden arches of McDonalds getting an internet connection before the trial starts this morning. I had an early morning because I woke up thinking about some smut I heard last night about Greg Derrett and myself (not romantically, ewwwwwweeee, but rather as instructors). It started me thinking about when […]

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Christmas in July

A dog enjoys the pond after her run.

Well all of my appliances for the new house arrived yesterday. Way exciting. However my excitement gave John the “great” idea that since my birthday is at the end of July, this could work as my present from him!  As nice as it is to have shiny and new, I am pretty sure he won’t […]

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Irritation is Motivation

DeCaff in her prime, screaming across a dogwalk.

Irritation is motivation. Some of you may have heard me say this before.  When you are really irritated by something you will take action to change it. Those of you that are overweight right now are that way because it doesn’t bug you enough. When something irritates you enough your words and thoughts turn from […]

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The Fix is on for Feature

Naughty Feature waiting for her meal, while the other two maintain criteria.

So here I am trying to remind Feature exactly what are my expectations on her contacts. I trained Feature differently then my previous dogs in that I introduced the running contact before I did the stopped. With Encore I had a running A Frame and a stopped dogwalk for the first 2 years of her […]

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Sorting Through a Few Problems

My new blackberry

I was away for a few days and since I was gone we had a bit of a Twitter-gone-mad problem here on the blog. It is all fixed now so everyone should be able to read this post without an issue. Okay, so I got a new phone a couple of weeks ago. I can […]

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Take this Little Test

Practice gratitude for all you have in your life.

This is really cool and revealing. Take this little test, don’t cheat and read ahead or it will not work. Just do it. Get yourself a piece of paper and a pen put it beside your computer before you start now read only the next paragraph, take the experiment and then read only the next […]

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More from the NW Regionals

I hope you all received the newsletter that I sent out earlier today where I wrote about the Contact Seminar I gave out west. If not, sorry, I don’t know if I can re-send it. If you are signed up to the newsletter and you didn’t get this installment it could be that your server […]

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More on Mastery


No I don’t mean moron Mastery I mean more-on mastery:). Since writing this post last week I have had a number of you that have offered to move to Alberton to achieve the immersion I suggested when wanting to learn Italian. I am flattered you would have picked our program to model, but the impracticality […]

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Welcome home!


Hey everyone, welcome to the new blog! Take a moment right now and bookmark the new addy; – so you can find me again ( should not be too hard to remember though:)). First of all I would like to thank Andrea and Jason at for helping me out with all of my […]

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Hotel Fitness

Well, starting today I am on the road until June 29th, Yes that is correct, I get home the day before our big summer camp with Greg & Laura Derrett. John is not fond of me planning like this but it couldn’t be avoided. I am in Toronto for the weekend then off to Auburn, […]

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