We have Good News,  Great News and Some Bad News.

The Good News

You can attend the live webinar at either 2:30pm or 8:30pm New York Time.  This is to accommodate those with varying work schedules and international viewers who would prefer not to have to be up at some strange hour to watch the webinar.

Great News

Susan will be doing some unique training and announcing a new course. There will be an opportunity to participate in this very first course of its kind  immediately following the live webinar. The subject matter has been kept secret from all but the members of the most recent Recallers Course.  There will be limited space to attend the live Webinar.

And the Bad News

This webinar will be recorded but the recording will only be available to current Inner Circle members. This means it is important you attend one of the live webinars at either 2:30pm or 8:30pm New York Time.  The webinars will not be rebroadcast.

Check your calendars and then sign in for the time that works for you.

Click to Attend the 2:30pm Webinar

Click to Attend the 8:30pm Webinar

We can’t tell you what the training will be, what the webinar is about, or what Susan is announcing. We can tell you it will be worth your time to attend this live event. You know Susan values your time and is certain to provide some outstanding tips and tools for your dog training.


As always if you have any technical questions email [email protected]

Course or material or general questions can go to [email protected]