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What are YOU Seeking?

Surrounded by loved ones at a recent family wedding.

Today being Christmas I wanted to sit down and wish everyone a blessed time. I recognize that not everyone is Christian and not everyone is celebrating on this exact day. My hope though, is that each of you has a higher Being you turn to for guidance. Call him Jesus Christ or Jehovah or God …

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Verbally Enthusiastic Workers

It wouldn

Recently I had someone ask me if I thought it would be a problem to let his dog bark while he shaped behaviours. First of all, the barking could be a sign that your dog training skills need to be sharpened. Perhaps have an experienced trainer watch you and give you their opinion.   Buzz […]

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An Epidemic of "Buck Fever"

My observations from the Ontario regionals this week can be summed up by a comment I am borrowing from a friend. I was talking to a business colleague yesterday and he used the phrase “Buck Fever.”  He spoke about how a marksman on the practice range can hit any target in any situation or environmental […]

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Rehearsing Success

When I was a kid I loved to play and watch hockey. As an adult, I rarely watch and haven’t had an opportunity to play in quite some time. Playoff hockey is pretty much on the TV all the time right now up here in Canada. John likes watching playoff . . . any sport. […]

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