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A Special Gift for You!

Lots of great lessons were discovered during my recent time out west. There is one lesson though, that I find myself repeating over and over again when I teach, and yet still I don’t see the change in people’s behaviour.  You know the old saying “If you always do what you have always done, you […]

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Tug Drive

DeCaff diving for her tug toy.

Well Day 3 of Tweener camp yesterday was as awesome as Days 1 & 2.  The highlights are numerous. One of the cool thing was the tug drive that has been created and maintained by students that have struggled with it in the past. I know Lynda has had private lessons with some of them to work […]

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The first “wow” of the day has to go out to Bob Bailey who made it back home yesterday, less than a week after his open heart surgery!  Bob is doing well, thank you to all for all of your prayers and positive thoughts. As we head into the last day of Tweener camp today, […]

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I Know That, But What Else You Got?

Okay, I will put a freeze on the cow stories for a bit:). I was at a trial today, I was there for less than an hour but I did speak to a student, Clare. Clare doesn’t live close by so we only see her for camps, but she does frequent a lot of camps […]

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Idea List for Shaping

Stoni performing "hold" and "Pals" - - Shelby being a good sport!

Okay, to follow up on the shaping post, here is my, not-yet-completed list of things to shape. When I get it finished, I will post in on my website. If you would, please look over the list, alert me to any duplications you see and write up your own suggestions. They don’t need to be […]

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Back to the future

When Feature was a puppy I used to shape new behaviours with her all the time. One week I challenged myself to come up with a different, unrelated behaviour to shape each day for a week.  That was fun. None of them were shaped to fluency before I went on the next day to a […]

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Crate Games, it is not just for breakfast any more.

Group shot of Crate Games graduates.

  I had small workshop here yesterday with 9, mostly adolescent dogs, and their handlers. It went quite well with a few “aah ha” moments and the odd “oh my” thrown in to balance things out.  We started the day with some grids and body awareness exercises and then finished up the afternoon with some […]

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Effective Transitions

Being sick sucks. I have been laid up for the last few days but today I think I have turned the corner (just in time, as I have a bunch of teaching coming up). This weekend there was a Chiropractic-Veterinary workshop at our place. That is where vets & chiropractors get tutored on the finer […]

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Winning When You Lose and Losing When You Win

I got a note from a student recently that was thrilled with her performance at a weekend trial, earning her first ever “double Q” in an AKC trial, the first step toward her MACH, gathering a boat load of mach points in the process as she was 18 seconds under time and 1.9 seconds faster […]

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