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Triggers To Reinforcement

The first newsletter in my new series Focus for Work was sent out today. For those of you that are working on the homework assignment I am using the blog as a place for your to comment. Would love to hear your thoughts on the series and your assignments. For those of you not on […]

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Immediate vs Long Term Reinforcement

Defining moments of decision happen both in the dog and in us. Do you hit the snooze alarm in the morning or do you decide to get up, giving you a few extra moments to train your dog before you leave for work? Do you see your dog responding inappropriately, yet decide it is too […]

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How Awesome is Reinforcement Really?

Okay if you haven’t read yesterday’s blog post, please do or this one won’t make sense to you. Yesterday I had many of you stressing about what I wrote. You were like dogs shutting down on me, leaving the ring or frantically stress running about, looking for challenges in order to gain appeasement. Ain’t it […]

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The Power of Positive Reinforcement

This is a positive reinforcement lesson and it is very funny. It was sent to me this week and I thought you all would enjoy it.  Have a great weekend everyone!  Sorry you have to go to youtube to watch it as for some reason I can’t embed it in this blog. But it is […]

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How Do I Train My Dog To Come When Called?

One of the most pressing questions for anyone who lives with a dog can be “how do I train my dog to come when called?”. Often this is asked when there has been a  recall collapse. It’s also a question we see a lot in our Free Dog Training Facebook Group. I wrote an article […]

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Bark, Lunge, Spin or Wait, Watch, Work?

One of the most frequent questions we see is how to play with multiple dogs, or how to wait turns with your dog at training. I put together a series of six tips previously for Facebook and am now sharing them here for quick reference for you, along with a seventh tip! Tip #1 – […]

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How To Embrace Videoing Your Dog Training

My mentor, the iconic Bob Bailey, once told me that he believes the most important advancement in the world of animal training during his illustrious career was the advancement of the simplicity of video. What do the words “video your training” mean for you?  Are they words you don’t want to hear, or words you […]

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Identifying And Using Positive Triggers For Your Dog

Last week we looked at understanding triggers. There are all sorts of triggers for your dog, good and bad. This week we are looking at good triggers that can be used to benefit your life with your dog to build YOU into your dog’s rewards. Remember that your dog’s rewards are determined by your dog, […]

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Vlog: Understanding Your Dog’s Triggers

If you live with a dog, it is important to understand triggers. Triggers can be a massive help or a massive detriment to your dog. Understanding triggers is the first step in knowing how they will help your dog have a better life and be comfortable. For those of you who want to train in […]

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