Last week I shared videos of conditioning my puppy This! to having her nails clipped. There were quite a few questions about what was on the lick mat and if I would be using a Dremel as well, so I’ve made another video for you.


You can see I’m using part of This’s breakfast for conditioning nail trims. It’s something we work on in the mornings. In fact, I’ve used the lick mat to do some form of conditioning for breakfast every day for all but 2 of the past 14 days and will continue to do so.

Important: What you see in the video is a very quick view compilation of getting to where we are now with the Dremel. Initially, the Dremel was well away from This! and I brought it in closer gradually.  Being able to touch This!’s nails with the Dremel did not take a day or two, it took a couple of weeks, and we’re still working on it. You can see in the video that This! was not a Dremel fan initially, but as I wrote last week,  if you are patient success can happen.

Now, I know that some of you may ask what I use to clean up after breakfast from the lick mat, and it’s diluted Thieves Oil and something that is readily available in most parts of the world. If you are in Agility Nation, you can go to Behind the Scenes for “Dog Feeding Time and Supplements” to see what my dogs eat and how I do raw food prep and clean up.

Below is a list of the resources I have for you on the topic of nail trimming here on my blog, and each has video.

Have you used, or are you considering using the tips I have on my blog about nails? Let me know in the comments.

Today I am grateful that now we have potty training down, This! gets more freedom around the house. Here’s the “12 weeks old” celebration pic with This! and Momentum. Gotta celebrate all the milestones with our dogs!

Update: Due to popular demand, we now have “Your Dog’s Pedicure Please Program” at our store for you to start immediately online. Your Dog’s Pedicure Please Program will create a positive emotional response for your dog to grooming in general and nail trimming in particular.


We’ve had many questions about what I use for a nail grinder for my dogs, and it’s a *Casfuy Dog Nail Grinder with LED Light that I got on Amazon. I also like to use a Dremel with a *Diamond Nail Rotary Tool Bit.

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