What happens when 18,000 dog lovers meet at the same place, at the same time, on the internet? Read more ….

We have had an incredible week. We dreamed big with Recallers this year. New for 2015 we decided to open the doors of our Critical Core for free! We were looking forward to everyone who wanted to, being able to join us.

FREECallers was an experiment. We were not sure what the response would be when we asked dog lovers if they would like to play games to build a better bond and relationship with the dogs in their life.

The response exceeded our wildest expectations! People from the world over, from all walks of life, united by a common love of dogs flooded into Recallers. Everyone here at Say Yes Dog Training was super excited and working hard to get everyone set up, ready to go with Game Day 1. Our big dream was a reality!


And, that is when it happened.

We knew it was big! But we had no idea how just how many people were keen to be a part of it all. In the 24 hours after opening our Recallers Guest Pass registration we received more visitors to our webpages than any other day in our online history.

As more and more people signed up and logged in, our server started to slow, our team were frantic trying to keep up ….. and then the server crashed … twice! Emails POURED in from people who had not signed up yet, disappointed to be missing out.

There was only one thing for us to do. We worked fast, packed up Recallers and moved to a bigger place so that everyone who wanted to join us could! And because our new home on the internet is SO roomy now, we have been able to keep Guest Pass registration open longer than we anticipated!

If you were thinking you missed out. Don’t worry.  Our new Recaller “Guests” are currently introducing themselves to their classmates in our new room classroom. We have an ebook for everyone to get started with an assignment we call our first “iPLAY” assignment. Monday July 6th we roll out “Game Day Number One in Our Critical Core.” Still time to join in on the fun. Click this link to get your Guest Pass.

There is a reason kids (and adults) can’t pull themselves away from video games…games are FUN and addictive! The reason is CHOICE. With every choice you make on a game there is an outcome. You control your own success.

That is EXACT why our Recallers students have such an outstanding track record of success. Games of choice help align the dog’s wants with yours. In a nutshell the dog learns to do exactly what YOU want by choosing to do exactly what HE wants! And it all becomes very successful for you and addictive for the dog!

The common dream of our Recallers students is wanting to have the best possible bond with the dogs in their life. We all have different starting points, but all know that the road ahead is going to be fun and that the dream will soon become a reality! Here are some of the most recent comments posted in our Recallers community by our current “Critical Core” students:

“I have a lil rescue that is a work in progress. So far she has come so far in a year! Can’t wait to see what we can accomplish with this course!”

“My goal is to get ME to play more.”

“It is my dream to give them both the freedom they deserve .”

“We like to play games, so we are eager to learn new methods that will strengthen our bond even more!”

“I would like to tighten the bond that we have so they basically “drop everything” when I call them. Looking forward to this!”

“The puppy is distracted by exactly EVERYTHING!”

Only a few days left to grab your own “Guest Pass” and play your way to an amazing bond with your dog.   Here is that link to grab your very own Guest Pass one more time!

Today I am  grateful to our community of Reinforcement Based dog lovers. You are the best and most understanding folk in the world. Your support and patience as we moved our Recallers site this week was amazing and humbling! Thank you, you ROCK!!!