I asked Lynda to put together a brief video walkthrough of her World Championship weekend. It is almost as good as being there. Lynda is not your typical “big name” agility guru although she has now earned a spot on to 2 IFCS and 2 FCI World Teams with two different dogs. She doesn’t have a back ground playing competitive sports as a kid, she can’t sprint like the wind nor do fancy handling maneuvers that draws gasps from the crowd watching.

What Lynda does do well is train her dogs. Lynda’s dog’s ooze with drive. Each of the two dogs Lynda has represented Canada at IFCS and FCI events have both had amazing passion for what they do with unparalleled skills in the agility ring. Lynda has a knack for bringing out the best in the dog and the love she has for her dogs is matched only by the devotion her dogs have her. I am sure all World Champions work hard to get to the top and I am sure all World Champions have a large group of people rooting for them every step of the way. But any one who has had the pleasure of spending time with Lynda will tell you there likely has never been a World Champion before that has over come biger odds or had more people rooting for them than Lynda and Favor.


For those of you in Europe that need to see it without the music here is your link http://youtu.be/qTEz1ZaTHqE

Today I am grateful and proud of Lynda and Favor who are always spectacular and last weekend unbeatable!