The past ten days have been quiet the whirl wind for all of us here at Say Yes. Tonight we close down registrations to Recallers 3.0. If you have been considering the course, you may want to do your considering fast!  🙂

Many people have asked me to make the Recaller’s course into a DVD or book, but the thing is, it isn’t just the great content that makes this course so successful, it really is the coaching. With my staff or I answering questions every day right on the assigned lessons, the personal Coaching Calls with me every other week and the three webinars we offer within the 7 week long course . . . this goes way beyond where a DVD or book could ever go. It is more like a series of seminars over the seven weeks.

Between the course lessons, the coaching calls and the webinars you get close to 10 hours of Susan Garrett on your computer screen plus more than 200 pages of content in the form of all of the ebooks we give you throughout the course. You basically get immersed in the critical information that will help give you the kind of dog training transformation our past Recallers have experienced.

Because registrations are closing I will also be taking down the free webinar series I have been offering over the past week. If you can’t make it to the course, please take in the webinar at  If you need more details about how the course works, if you click the “buy now” button beneath the webinar, there is a short video where I explain the details of the course.

In addition voting is going to close on our four day Recaller videos. If you haven’t voted please go back and vote now. There are 4 days of videos, so please vote for your favorite each day, there are some very close votes that today’s voting can sway one way or the other!

Today I am grateful for my staff who have all put in tons of extra hours answering questions to ensure Recallers 3.0 starts off on the right foot for everyone!

Here is your link one more time to become part of the Recaller 3.0 community.