The Ultimate Dog Agility Training and Flying Your Pet e-book “bundle”  buying period has been extended until Monday night! So, if you haven’t bought go ahead click this link now.

HOWEVER I did promise a draw was going to be held today and it was and so here are the two winners of our great prizes.

Winning first prize, entry into our Recallers “Inner Circle” is Denise Elger and the Back On Track Bundle  goes to Lyn ODonnell. Congratualtions to both winners!

Yes we will keep pricing low over the long weekend to allow the rest of you one last chance at grabbing your e-books. As a point of interest one of our winners had bought the “bundle of bundles” buying 5 ebooks to “pay them forward.”

Those links again:

Building The Team Fundraiser Ebook

Thanks again to everyone. Today I am grateful to each you that have Tweeted or re-Posted to your Facebook status about our fundraiser e-books. On behalf of the CKC Agility Team Canada and Interval House (woman shelter) I extend my very heartfelt gratitude.