As I have been travelling around North American over the past two weeks, my now 19 week old puppy has gotten lots of great experiences. First he travelled with Lynda and I on an 18 hour car trip down to Perry Georgia. He was a model of perfection. Never once making a peep while crated all that time. After his first 9 hours in the car (with 2 brief breaks) we stopped at a hotel at 11 PM. I was a bit concerned as he had never stayed in a hotel and he was w-o-u-n-d up!

Happily for me after a short 30 minute romp around the hotel room he happily settled down in his crate without complaint and did more of the same the next day as we headed into Perry.

With the relaxed schedule of the agility trial in Perry allowed me to get him out and train him a ton in between runs. It was well worth taking him all that way as he socialized with many puppies and dogs and got lots of great rehearsals of how to behave at agility.

Immediately after Perry I hopped on a plane for a business trip to Denver while Swagger and my girls headed home with Lynda. Swagger got to go to work with Lynda (who is a government truck inspector in her “real” life). Lots of new “firsts” for the baby boy. The rumbling of big trucks, the constant squawk of big rig air brakes — he heard it all as he relaxed in his crate outside in the midst of all of the hub-bub!

This weekend was a bit of a relaxing one for John and I. We took a dinner river cruise last night and today decided to stop by a flyball tournament to visit with some friends. I decided to really put Swagger’s distraction training to the ultimate test and bring him along. John called it his first and last flyball experience :).


Today I am grateful for “Critical Elements” workshop upcoming at home this weekend. Swagger gets to work with all of the puppies, I will be “priming the pump” this week:).  Anyone with some free time and wants to come out and watch, I will trade off free auditing to the first person that wants to come and video Swagger and I over the weekend (Sunday 19th and Monday June 20th).