Over the weekend Swagger got to have his sixth visit with his stand-in siblings the PineBank Labrador Retrievers. It was, once again, a great improvement upon his last two visits this time showing great confidence and less aggressive play with the group. He did more running about they actual wrestling and arguing. He is definitely more comfortable with his Lab family. He has his favourites that he prefers to play with (funny enough each of them are the “bullies” of the Lab litter).


Although I have seen Swagger play with each and every puppy in this litter he plays quieter and more peacefully with the ones that are not his “bully friends.” Clearly the rest of the group has shaped him to take a more peaceful approach to his play with them. Very interesting study of behaviour. I am thinking anyone doing a Masters degree would love all of the footage I have of these interactions.  Here are some clips of the indoor play.

But the most fun of all happened when the entire troop took the party outside.

In this next series of clips you can see how the interaction changes once everyone gets outside. Here Swagger is much better at avoiding the approaches of his Lab buddies and he creates the interaction with them at his own choosing.

Today I am grateful for a gorgeous sunny day that allowed us to take the puppies outside for a big adventure in the woods.