So why is it that after those killer work outs that the other girls were sore and I wasn’t? As little as only four years ago I used to get really sore just like anyone else. You know that “ooh-don’t-touch-me-there-and-I-can’t-barely-get-down-to-the-toilet-sore-muscles.” It was normal, but not anymore.

I do occasionally get  a bit “stiff” after a work out, but never that I would notice to move or use those muscles the next day. Is it because I am a slacker? I don’t think so, not my style. One day Jill had me work my legs so hard she assured the girls I would be stiff and cranky the next day. But 20 tuck jumps onto the 24″ table later (2 sets of 10 with only a short break in between) still, no soreness. Lynda actually sounded disappointed the next day when I said my legs felt great and I could actually do it all over again:).

I am no exercise physiologist so take anything I say with a grain of salt but here is what I do that I know are good things to help with muscle recovery after exercise.

1.  I always methodically stretch out after every work out — usually for 10 -15 minutes.

2. I like to soak in the hydro pool. Apparently the combination of the salt water and the power of the jets is great for recovering from exercise.

3. I am religious about my post-work out smoothie. Experts say the combination of nutrients and the timing of when you get this meal is critical. My smoothie is my reward for a great workout. I always have it within 20-40 minutes of my last exercise (depending upon how long my stretching session goes).

4. A diet high in alkaline producing food and drinks is also thought to aid in muscle recovery.  I drink no coffee, no caffeinated drinks, no soda pop, no alcohol all of which are acidic to your body. I have a deionizer on our kitchen sink which separates our drinking water into alkaline and acidic water sources (of course I drink the alkaline water).

5. Sleep is a key to muscle recovery – 8 hours a night is essential. Ooops, okay I fall desperately short on this element.

6. I am a vegan and from what I can google, a plant based diet aids in muscle recovery from exercise. I used to think this was the main reason for my great recovery. I routinely go through about a pound of raw spinach ever two or three days ( 1 put about 2 C in my post workout smoothies to start).

Each of these reasons make me different than anyone else in our work out group so perhaps all of those reasons (except for reason#5 ) would contribute to why I don’t get sore after a after a killer work out. Up until a few weeks ago I really thought it was my diet and drinking habits that made the biggest difference (while in Florida working out with Jill this past winter I experienced the same thing).

Here is what happened to make me change my mind. I have been on the road for the better part of 3 months, with sporadic workouts at best. When I got home in July I started my regular workouts and was shocked to find I was stiff and sore. I couldn’t believe it. Was my diet and stretching not doing the trick any more?

I worked it over and over in my mind what was different? Nicky and Linda you both earn the gold star. I figured out that I always do at least 15 minutes of “Cellercising” a day — sometimes 30 when I am at home. While on the road I had no cellerciser so it didn’t happen. When I made this realization I added it back into my day. I had been doing it for about two weeks before the “Fit Week” at Say Yes. I can only believe THAT was the deciding factor as that was the difference.

I read all of the hype about rebounding, how they claim it can be your “only” workout and you can get into great shape but honestly I didn’t believe it whole heartedly. Now I have a different opinion. Not that I am going to give up my other workouts because a) I love them and b) I think the sport specific stuff we do in the gym can only help.

If you haven’t read my blogs about rebounding go back and do it. If you are thinking you need to start to get into better shape go to their website now and pick up a cellerciser. If you get sticker-shock at the price go back and read my blogs — there is a difference. Trust me you don’t want a “cheap-o” models, I tried them to start and it lasted less than a week.


Working my obliques (abs) on the cellerciser.

Any of you that have been cellercising regularly let me know your thoughts. Are you as sore after a weekend of agility as you used to be before the cellerciser came into your life? How long per day are you on it? Take a little test before your next agility trial. Get regular about cellercising and let me know what you think about my theory.

Today I am grateful for my cellerciser. I may sound a bit like Vince and his slap-chop but I can’t tell you how much I love that thing!