This weekend was another fabulous Canada Cup competition. And it was wow, amazing as it is every year. There is always the threat that this event will go away as entries are inconsistent at best. The weekend is so much work for our hosts Susan and Adrian to take on, but it is almost like it has become a community thing. I see so many people rallying around the Canada Cup trying to keep the momentum rolling. It has become almost symbolic to Canadian agility, it is part of who we are, kind of like Tim Hortons or Toques okay, maybe not but sort of:).

It is so great that people from across Canada show up here (and the USA too). We had a huge turn out from Quebec and several as far away as Alberta.

This year I had some wow moments with my girls. Feature won both the Steeplechase finals and the Canada Cup finals itself. As exciting as it was for the wins (and of course all the cash-o-la)  I feel like I let Encore down as a handler. She didn’t even get into the finals of the CC because of my bone-headed absent mindedness when I was running her. She did have some really nice runs including winning the first round of Jumpers and coming in second to Feature in round one of  Steeplechase, plus she was 1 bar away from a perfect score in Snooker. So it wasn’t all bad, but I know my teamwork with her was not where it usually is and that disappoints me, not because we didn’t win, but because she is so much better than that and she deserves to have me at my best.

So another “wow” moment for me, learn from your disappointments and give my “comfortable slippers” the same focus as a handler on every run that I give the baby dog.

Unable to sit still for long, I ended up shaping a trick with Feature at the awards ceremonies.


Really cool to see four of the top five dogs are from Canada’s IFCS or FCI teams.

Here are some video highlights from the weekend. And speaking of videos, if any of you that have registered in my new e-course and are having difficulties viewing the videos in the recaller’s membership area, please try downloading the latest adobe flash software, that should make the difference.

I must admit, I was a bit pre-occupied this weekend.  I had to drive back home each night after the event rather than staying on site with the RV (as we normally do) because I needed internet access to help out everyone trying to sign up for the new e-course. And that leads me to another “wow.”

The response to the new e-course has been fantasticly wow and the enthusiasm from everyone that has signed up even more wowacious. It looks like I am going to have to close down sales early  than planned as we are fast approaching the limit of students that I wanted to take. So, if you have been waiting on this, I would make up your mind sooner rather than later! Will fill you in more in a newsletter later today.

Today I am grateful for another wonderful Canada Cup and heres to hoping it is not the end, but rather the beginning of an era where people travel from far and wide to experience the excitement of the Canada Cup!