Note: if you are an OCD type like myself, you may not want to check out this link– it could be addictive! For the rest of you, I think this is more than just a fun computer game. I am always searching for ways to help my students improve their front cross timing. Here is a game that could help you do just that! It is a horse jumping game where if you send your horse over the jump too early or too late you will crash!  Good one I think (a little hint you control the horse’s speed with the arrows forward or back on your keyboard).

And if you r-e-a-l-l-y are serious about improving your front cross timing you WILL want to own that “Building the Team Fundraiser Ebook.” Greg Derrett has a great series of articles focused on just that. Today is the last day to get it at the “introductory price.” So if you haven’t got your copy yet, do it before midnight tonight!

Yesterday John and I wrapped up our vacation in the UK with a day trip to Wales. I have witnessed some amazing scenery but I would have to say Wales wins first prize of just about anywhere in the world I have been (possibly NZ would tie:)).

These two pictures where take at Llyn Clywedog.

Driving through some of the small Welsh towns, imagine my surprise to pass this Jack Russell, complete with goggles and leathers, happily traveling with his biker-dude dad on the back of his chopper.

Now this next picture is more than just another beautiful shot of a green hills and valleys in Wales. If you look near the bottom of the shot you can see a helicopter blade.  

As unbelievable as it was to John and I, as we drove down one of a zillion small winding Welsh roads, we happened upon this Royal Air Force air rescue.  I only took the pictures because I heard the couple that drove their small sports car over the side of the cliff where not hurt. They went off the road and the witness told us the car didn’t flip or turn at all as it seem to “float” the 400 or so feet down to land in a small river no wider than the car was wide. This “witness” was a cyclist who was right in front of the entire event. And then, he scaled the side of the valley to make sure the couple was okay,  while waiting for the police to arrive. Amazing guy really. He said both where conscious in their car, in the shallow water. The woman didn’t have a scratch or broken bone, her male companion appeared to have nothing more than a sore shoulder and a minor head injury.

I don’t have any fancy camera, just an ancient, cheap-o, point and shoot variety with a very limited zoom. So you can imagine how close we where to this helicopter.

The pilot was absolutely amazing how he navigated down into this valley, coming scary-close to the sides of the hills.

What a day. Amazing views, a cool motorcycling dog, wonderful helpful people and a miraculous air rescue. Today we head home. As nice as it has been to tour, I have found that a gluten-free, vegan should really not stray too far from home if they want to maintain their nutritional balance:).

Today I am grateful for the safe rescue of those unfortunate people traveling a wee bit to fast through the Welsh country side.