Well big news came in tonight, the CKC Agility Team Canada (FCI World Team) was named. I am very pleased to report that Missy Encore and baby Feature have both be named to the Large Dog team.   For Feature, being named to her 2nd World Team before her 3rd birthday is both exciting and a little scary. I did give this scenario a great deal of thought before submitting her application. However, Feature is just such a mature dog for her age. I am sure she will take all the hoopla in the same laid back attitude with which she approaches everything in her life.

Feature & Encore will keep each other company on their overseas trips this year.

The other big news is that my friend and one of our Say Yes Instructor’s Lynda Orton-Hill and her kick ass fast Sheltie “Favor” has also earned a spot on the CKC team. This is Lynda’s third trip to the World Championships as Favor is following in Lynda’s great Golden Retriever “Spirit’s” paw prints.

Lynda Orton-Hill’s Sheltie “Favor”

Here is the entire Canadian team, I am thrilled that more than 50% of these dogs started right here in our Say Yes Foundation program. Also noteworthy is this is the first time Canada is sending a Large Dog Team made up entirely of Border Collies. It is a great group of people and I am proud to be associated with each of them.

Mini Team
Jessica Martin and Dice (Sheltie from Ontario)
Lynda Orton Hill and Favor (Sheltie from Ontario)
Cathy Taylor and Brigs (Sheltie from Ontario)
Suzanne Labrie and Copine (Sheltie from Quebec)

Midi Team
Nicki Gurr and Ninja (Sheltie from British Columbia)
Justine Davenport and Preston (Sheltie from Alberta)
Teri O’Neil and Cypher (Sheltie from Alberta)
Lucie Dessurault and Nitro (Sheltie from Quebec)
ALTERNATE Justine Davenport and Riot (Sheltie from Alberta)

Maxi Team
Susan Garrett and Encore (Border Collie from Ontario)
Susan Garrett and Feature (Border Collie from Ontario)
Fred Waters and Tanafon (Border Collie from Quebec)
Adrian Rooyakkers and Fizz (Border Collie from Ontario)
ALTERNATE Theresa Rector and Phoenix (Kelpie from Ontario)

Today I am grateful for the opportunity to once again compete at agility’s highest level and am honoured to be named within such a fine group of dog and handler teams!