My brother said that line to me on the phone the other night, “each of us is somebody’s weirdo.” I don’t think it was his own quote, but I thought it worth of passing along.

High tide in New Brunswick and I am looking for a snack . . .that's normal isn't it?

High tide in New Brunswick last summer and I am looking for a snack . . .that's normal isn't it?

I laughed both at how profound it was and how true. After all, who amongst us really is normal (other than yours truly of course:))?

People tend to get annoyed by others that stray too far from their version of “normal”. Perhaps it is fear of the unknown. But that alone must be normal. Have you ever seen a dog the first time it meets a Pug or other brachiocephalic dog?  With the hair standing straight up on the back of their neck, they sound the alarm of that hysterical high-pitched bark, announcing the intrusion of a weirdo.

Yet I am sure other Pugs don’t feel the need to go off when another Pug-dog snorts nearby. Why? Because that is their normal and my Border Collie is their weirdo, only thing, is they likely see enough Border Collies that they are not at all weird to them. It is all about perspective.

This week my perspective is about to be altered a bit as I sit in on six days of Tony Robbins’ workshops here in Scottsdale, Az. Yes, I am back in Scottsdale, seems I have a lot of time here lately. I am sure it will be an enlightening experience filled with more than one weirdo, who knows, it could even be me.

Looking forward to it!

Today I am grateful for my roommate that I just met, who is enough like me that she could, in no, way be considered a weirdo.