I can’t believe how awesome it is to finally be in a real home, especially one we have waited so long to get into!  Yesterday a few friends and relatives lent us a hand and we got everything into the house in 6 hours!  I seemed to remember it took days to pack it all into the storage container.  It will be great to see that big ugly eye sore off of our property (plus it will open up more RV parking for all of you that have been inconvenienced.

The Slap Chop in his new home:)

The Slap Chop in its display case in the kitchen.


For those that have been asking, here is a picture of the Slapper in his new home (well until John sees what I have done and then I am sure it will have to move:). John thoughtfully had Buzz’s surgery moved until tomorrow so we all have a bit of time to settle in before he has to go to vets.

I will post more about our house in the future, it is a home custom built with dogs in mind, so lots of cool doggie apps.

Back to unpacking boxes. Today I am grateful for the chance to move around a real house and as much as I love him dearly, not have to see John every waking moment of my life (trust me, I am certain he is grateful for the same thing!)