Thanks to all of you for warm wishes for Encore and I at the World Championships at the end of this month.  Yesterday Encore and I had a bit of a slower paced day as I prepared for camp starting today. I worked on some skills like her running vs stopped dogwalk as well as some handling understanding. Its great having Feature to work to trade off with Encore and at the same time Featchy gets to practice all the advanced work Encore is doing.

Feature & Encore relaxing.

Feature & Encore relaxing.

After some morning work all the dogs and I went for a walk around the field and ended the the day with a 30 minute swim (the dogs not me, not a big swimmer myself:)).

I try to keep this blog light hearted and primarily educational in nature but I am afraid today I have to bring a bit of sadness to it as well.  

I find it difficult to write about all of the training I am doing with Encore today when I have heard the tragic news that US World Team member Geri Hernandez lost her 5 year old dog “Focus” yesterday as she was training in preparation for their  own World Championship adventure. As far as I know, they were training in the cool of the morning and Focus, without warning, just passed away. I can’t begin to imagine what Geri must be going through right now.

Although I really don’t know Geri very well, I have always admires her wonderful team work and obvious mutual admiration she and Focus shared for each other. Geri

Geri & Focus

 certainly is one of the class acts in agility. Geri and Focus just missed the podium at last year’s FCI worlds coming in an impressive 4th place on their first outing at the worlds.

Say a prayer for Geri today, I know I will. Life is so short and an event like this one should make us all take account of all there is to be grateful for in our lives.

Today I am grateful to be part of the world of dog agility. We celebrate the victories and disappointments on the field together, and today we shall share in the great pain of loss within our community.  I know I speak for all of you when I say our hearts goes out to you  Geri.