Well here it is, our list of weird tug toys suggestions. Thank you to everyone who contributed, we should all be proud! If any of these items spark another idea for any of you, send it along and I will continue to build the master list.

  1. Bungee tugs
  2. Crunch N Tug toy
  3. Your long braided hair (if you have it)
  4. Your hat
  5. Plastic shopping bag
  6. Sheep skin toys
  7. real leather
  8. Bird Feather with or without added scent
  9. Rabbit fur
  10. Deflated soccer ball
  11. Shower puff scrubber
  12. Water bottle (with or without small pebbles inside)
  13. Tug-It! 
  14. A Stick
  15. A crumpled up piece of paper
  16. Your sleeve
  17. Cheap, dollar-store scarves
  18. Towels (tea towel, hand towel)
  19. Your Leash
  20. Flying Disc
  21. Golf Club head cover
  22. Old stirrup leather
  23. Feather duster
  24. Fly Swatter
  25. Shoe laces
  26. Empty toilet paper roll
  27. Empty Paper towel roll
  28. A shovel (ouch!)
  29. Dog Show Ribbons
  30. A Broom or wisk
  31. Hollee roller with a stuffed a rabbit fur mouse rubbed with rat litter 
  32. Hollee roller with a tennis ball
  33. Hollee roller with a Ball with Feet (Cuz)
  34. Hollee roller with a mini flying disc
  35. Hollee roller with a babble ball
  36. Hollee roller with a mouse with a realistic chirp
  37. Dusting Mitt 
  38. Piece of Rope
  39. Vacuum cleaner hose
  40. Winter mittens
  41. Hair scrunchie
  42. Dirty Underwear
  43. Dirty Sock
  44. Pillow case
  45. Well in bed move your hand around under the covers while your dog is on top of the covers (seems like a live animal under cover)
  46. Anything with Fringes on it
  47. Paper cup
  48. Paper plates
  49. Palm Frond
  50. Pantyhose with knots in them
  51. A sock with a tennis ball or squeaky toy stuffed & knotted inside
  52. Tissue paper braided together–let the dog shred the paper afterwards
  53. A tea cozy
  54. Nylon strapping
  55. Cat toys, feather boa on a stick
  56. Smooth items 
  57. Soft fleeces items
  58. anything that makes a ripping sound (like a stufffed animal ripping open)
  59. A branch with leaves on it
  60. A tough cotton table napkin with cheese rolled in the middle the knotted
  61. Plastic bag with food inside
  62. Tugging on food: a raw chicken wing or a steak, then put it in sock, then just use the sock
  63. A previously tugged toy (one with another dog’s saliva on it)
  64. A springy telephone cord
  65. A dust buster (mini vaccum)