Okay guys, I got such a positive response the last time I presented this format here on the blog and since I couldn’t get the hologram to work 🙂 I decided to go back to this format once again. Since this session would have gone on for ever, and I found out that YouTube doesn’t like anything longer than 10 minutes, I have eliminated half the questions that have been sent and I will answer those separately, likely tomorrow.   For now I just cut and past these questions and ripped through them in less than 15 minutes Fastest blog entry for me to date!  Now, as one of my instructors pointed out, you can can multi-task, doing things like the dishes, as you catch up on my blog!

As I said in this clip if you would like to get on our newsletter please just sign up at our webite.  For those of you that are needing it, here is a direct link to my Success with One Jump DVD that I mentioned in today’s blog.

Today I am very grateful to UPS,  as they finally got our Canadian shipment of the new 2×2 Weave Training DVD to us!