Educational, entertaining or inspiring. That has been a goal of my blog writing. I want visiting here to be a positive experience, where you go away feeling good about yourself, your dogs or life in general.  I am not a big “blog” reader myself, but of the few that I have read I have found some of the entries to be either long, drawn accounts of what the blogger did that day, or a bitter tale of how unfair things are and how life should be different.  I am definitely a “the-glass-is-half-full” or even “three-quarter-full” and possibly “over-flowing” kind of girl. I am a person that thinks in terms of abundancy rather than scarcity. 

I am grateful to all of the  people who are willing to bare their humility in the name of allowing others to be educated, entertained or inspired while watching their training on my blog.  There is an old saying that goes “if you can’t be a glowing example, be a tragic warning”.  So we get a bit of both today with Marilynn sacrificing herself in the name of education. Now Maryilyn has done some great training with her dog “Debit”. He is drivey, has a good retrieve and has great focus for his job. However, Marilyn has a few mechanical details she needs to iron out. In the name of your best education, I would advise you all to watch this clip first with the sound turned off so you can play the role of coach. I have already told you some of what she is doing well, now without the volume, you try to pick out the areas of 2×2 training that need improvement. Then watch it again and see if you were able to come to the same conclusions I do.

I love Marilynn’s enthusiasm. Note how much fun she is having with her dog. That should be a goal for everyone. Training should make you laugh and be a source of joy. . . yes, even when we struggle. With each struggle there is an opportunity to improve and what an awesome rush that is when the dog & you finally “get it!”

Today I am grateful to Marilynn and people like her that have graciously supplied their training clips to me. Check out Cat at  http://strata2× who is blogging about her  2×2 training. Maybe I will get a chance in the future to show a clip of what she is doing.