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Swagger’s Early Education

Posted on 03/06/11 25 Comments

This is a video I posted to my FaceBook page a couple of days ago. It shows Swagger with his new toy (which is a great confidence building toy for puppies). At the end it shows how I start my puppy’s jump training.   Swagger turns 5 weeks old today, hard to believe really!   […]

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Lessons in Frustration, Recovery and NRMs

Posted on 03/04/11 14 Comments

Following up on my last post on NRMs I mentioned  that the only place I really use one in my training is when the lack of information will create an expectancy of reinforcement for my dog. I mentioned the teaching of weave poles as one place that a NRM is critically important. The other place […]

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Socializing the Singleton Puppy: Swagger’s Big Adventures

Posted on 02/27/11 52 Comments

I think I have neglected you blog readers a bit by posting a lot of my updates about Swagger on my new Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/SusanGarrettDogAgility). So today I am going overboard, with this mega- blog post. And yes, I promised to get back to our talk on NRM this week:). As you can see in […]

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Swagger Turns Three Weeks Old!

Posted on 02/21/11 15 Comments

Great conversation about non reward punishers over the past week or so. More on that later. For those of you not on facebook I thought I would post a few new pictures and videos of Feature’s little boy “Swagger.”  He turned three weeks old yesterday and is a whopping five lbs! He is totally living […]

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Puppy Preocuppiedatiousness

Posted on 02/16/11 26 Comments

Feature’s puppy has taken over my life. I just can’t get any work done he is sooo darn cute, I can just sit and watch him all day long . . . and I do! He is no longer going by his puppy name of “Sid the Kid.” As cute as it was, he grew […]

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The Singleton Puppy

Posted on 02/03/11 105 Comments

I am writing this blog post today not from a position of a great depth of knowledge but reporting from two singular  experiences. I am hoping anyone reading this that has gone through a similar situation will offer their perspective. I suppose for many of you this post will hold little of interest so I […]

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